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    Applications for THATCamp Jersey Shore are now Open!

    Use the form on this page to submit an application. We think we will have room for most applicants who wish to attend, but if we encounter very strong demand we may have to be selective, so be thoughtful about why you wish to attend.

    What should I propose?

    That’s up to you. The conference is self-assembling based on the interests of participants expressed when applying. Sessions at THATCamp will range from software demos to training sessions to discussions of research findings to half-baked rants (but please no full-blown papers; we’re not here to read or be read to.) Applicants are encouraged to share their ideas at this website prior to arrival. The official “program” will emerge at the very beginning of the conference as people restate their interests and form natural affinities. Still need some inspiration? Why don’t you check out the sessions at previous THATCamps listed at theTHATCamp home base page.

    [iframe spreadsheets3.google.com/embeddedform?formkey=dHoyX3lfaGhHTHBPZXlKU2VBTUlsdGc6MA 1000 2000]

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