• Technical Glitches

    Many thanks Dael for getting the discussion going. I know there are other THATCamp participants interested in games and hope we can assemble a great session about that.

    Meanwhile, at the risk of destroying my technical credibility before the conference begins, I wanted to “go public” with some technical glitches which may be keeping some people from participating.

    1) The application page underwent a couple of editorial adjustments while it was up. I know of at least one applicant who thought he was registered, but wrote to me for confirmation and I did not have him in my database. New evidence suggests that there may be several more who submitted applications that did not make it to my database. I’m assuming that there is a connection between the editing of the page and the failure of some applications to make it to the database. Unfortunately, there is no way for me to reverse search for those people who applied and didn’t make it to the database. It could be one or two, it could be many. If you submitted an application and have not heard whether it has been accepted or not, assume that it got lost in that digital ether. E-mail me and I’ll enter you by hand.

    2) For those of you who managed to run the gauntlet of getting your application through to the database, there was a second technical glitch. The plug-in that I used to generate invitations to log in to the website was balky. It successfully sent out about ten log in invitations, but was very idiosyncratic as I tried to re-submit those who didn’t get receive an invitation the first time. If you received an acceptance to THATCamp Jersey Shore, but never received log in information for the site, email me about that. And if you received multiple log in emails, my apologies.

    There will be free wifi access at the Carnegie Library and, we hope, enough surge-protector outlets to keep laptops charged.

    See you on April 4!

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